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Bridal Beauty | 9 Tips to Shine on Your Special Day

As a newly-wed myself, I know firsthand the stress leading up to wedding day preparations. This is it! If there is a day that you are going to look and feel like a princess, today is the day! But then that huge pimple erupts, you get your period, that new facial mask you tried left a rash on your face, you burned your arm with your curling rod, you tripped while walking the dog and have a massive bruise on your leg…(these are actual things that happened to me)….All of the sudden those dreams of looking like Cinderella are replaced with feelings of the ugly step-sisters.

1) First & foremost, try and stay stress-free. This may be easier said then done, but find an outlet to relieve stress. Whether it’s jogging, getting a massage, yoga, etc, do it! You skin and body will thank you!

2) Even the best makeup artist will have challenges if you don’t properly take care of your skin. Eight weeks leading up to your wedding day, drink plenty of water, eat your fruits and veggies, and get plenty of sleep. Stay away from soda, alcohol, and too much sun.

3) Do not try any new products on your skin at least a month before your wedding day to prevent an allergic reaction. Same advice regarding facials. Make your appt 4-6 weeks out. Stick to the same regime and be consistent the 4-6 weeks leading up to your big day.

4) Absolutely book trial wedding hair and makeup….especially if you have not worked with the stylists before. You don’t want any surprises on your wedding day. Communicate clearly what you want, bring photos of the looks you like, and speak up if you don’t like what they do. This is your day!

5) Just like trying new skincare, don’t do anything drastic at least a month before your wedding. I decided to get eyelash extensions the day before. Unfortunately, I had an allergic reaction to the glue they used and had red, itchy swollen eyes. Yeah, I should know better. Zyrtec, eye drops, lots of concealer, and a little photo shop…voila!

6) Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! From head-to-toe, you want glowing beautiful healthy skin! For oily types, use a manual face scrub every other day in the shower and an exfoliating serum with salicylic acid at night. For drier skin, use a manual scrub 2x a week in the morning and a glycolic exfoliating serum at night. For the body, try a sugar scrub 1-2 times a week on slightly damp skin. Your moisturizer and any other products you put on your face and body will be more effective with properly exfoliated skin. Your makeup will look flawless and smooth!

7) Take into consideration the weather when deciding on hair & makeup styles. Since most people opt to get married in the warmer months…..How hot is it going to be? How humid? Does your body temperature usually run warm under stress? Is your dress heavy and makes feel like you are in sausage casing? Does your naturally curly hair frizz? Does your naturally straight hair not hold curl in humidity? Does your oily skin look shiny an hour after applying makeup?

8) Have one of your bridesmaids carry a small clutch with emergency essentials. Hairspray, oil blotting sheets, powder, lip gloss, comb/brush, tampons, body lotion, pain killers, tissues, and breath mints.

9) No matter what happens or what you think went wrong, just take a deep breath and smile. A smile is the best accessory any girl can wear!

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