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Teresa Foss is a talented stylist. She facilitates total transformations for our (DC Matchmaking) clients, giving each one a fresh and attractive new look so that they look and feel their very best. First impressions are so important when dating, and Teresa’s clients walk into their dates feeling confident and looking amazing! It’s wonderful to watch Teresa do her magic and then see her clients’ new-found confidence blossom. Teresa understands how to shop for all body types, and she teaches her clients how to select the most flattering outfits so that they can shop effectively on their own. She is also a talented make-up artist and has a very natural way of applying make-up so that people notice the woman instead of the make-up! Teresa understands color and works with her clients to help them understand which colors are most flattering for their skin types. From soup to nuts, when it comes to fashion and beauty, Teresa is a skilled expert (and she’s also a total sweetheart). What Teresa gives her clients is truly a gift, and I highly recommend her services.

– Michelle Jacoby
Owner DC Matchmaking

Teresa is a pleasure to work with. First and foremost, she has great taste. She quietly but comfortably guides you through the maze of clothes, shoes, handbags, make up and whatnot in a fun and non-threatening way. She is thoughtful and thorough and goes the extra mile to make sure you are happy and comfortable. For example after our long but fun and successful shopping expedition, she offered to wait for me with my gazillion bags of merchandise so that I could walk the long distance to my car without that burden. When I pulled up in my car, she helped me get everything in and away I went. And did I mention patient? Trying on clothes can be stressful but she was a delight and totally respectful and professional. I would recommend her to anyone wanting/needing some help in this area.

– Mary H
Bethesda, MD 57 years old

Working with Teresa was a positive and worthwhile experience. I learned so much from her and I apply those lessons every day in social and professional settings. She used my existing wardrobe and beauty products as foundations, and refined my image in terms of clothing and makeup. I feel more confident in how I come across in both meetings at work and dates on the weekends. Teresa is very knowledgeable and talented. I highly recommend her as a consultant.

-Julie A.
Washington DC, 38 years old

As a colorblind guy, it’s always been tough to pick out clothes. You’re never sure what goes with what or even what color you’re wearing that day. As a result, I tended to choose clothes that were very bland and not terribly flattering.

With Teresa’s assistance, I found great stores I never knew about and tried on clothes I never would have considered had I gone by myself. Best of all, I found that her selections really worked for me. She listened very carefully to my preferences (and budget) and took the time to not only help me pick out clothes that work, but also explain why they do. Because of her help, I’m now a far savvier and knowledgeable clothes shopper.

Lastly, Teresa took the time to identify which clothes were which and gave me a chart of what items paired with another. So, now I have the assurance that whenever I step out of the house, I look my very best.

Perhaps this is the most elegant testimonial…and a true story to boot! A few days after Teresa and I went shopping, I had a meeting with a lady in her late 20’s who couldn’t believe I was 36 and had a 6 year-old daughter. Did I mention she was totally smokin’ hot? Enough said.

– Steve S.
Springfield, VA, 36 years old

I found working with Teresa to be super helpful and fun!! She has a great eye for fashion and helped me pick out clothes that make me look and feel great. I have gotten many complements on the outfits we picked out together and will definitely enlist her help on future shopping trips.

– Adele S.
Washington DC, 43 years old

I highly recommend Teresa’s fashion consultation services for any woman who wants to be her most beautiful self. My experience with Teresa was not only professional, but more importantly had such a wonderful and warm personal touch. Teresa goes above and beyond in her service by truly caring about helping her clients be their best. I have no doubt in my mind that Teresa can help any woman look amazing. My personal goal was to look my best for reentering the dating world. Although I had no problem getting dates, and would have a very nice time on my dates, I wasn’t getting the follow-up response from men that I was hoping for. After receiving Teresa’s fashion consult, I am leaving men with an impression that has them calling and coming back for more dates. I feel more confident on my dates and know that I am putting my best foot forward in finding the man of my dreams. What more could I have asked for? Thank you so much Teresa!!

– Melissa B.
Reston, VA, 40 years old

I was fortunate enough to work with Teresa recently. I desperately needed expert guidance on updating my wardrobe. Luckily for me, Teresa has an amazing sense for fashion! She suggested a number of go-to stylish outfits, accessories, and shoes that complimented me. Herrecommendations reflected my own personal style, which was really important to me. I have a new sense of confidence with this wardrobe transformation! Teresa also applied my make-up for professional photos I had taken. I was so happy with the results! I looked amazing in my photos and received so many compliments. I also learned some great make-up techniques and what types of make-up to use for my skin tone. I would highly recommend Teresa to a potential client!

– Michelle A
Arlington, VA, 37 years old

Teresa is a true professional. Her advice is always current, sophisticated, fashionable yet true to one’s personality. If you are male or female, I can only suggest you put your trust in her and you won’t be disappointed. From ties to my haircut, brown shoes vs black, proper attire in California vs Washington DC… Teresa provides the best advice!

– Michael G.
Mclean, VA, 50 years old

Teresa is fantastic at her job! As a fashion consultant she gave me great advice about my wardrobe and helped me shop for much more flattering clothing. I also had her do a makeover for me and the results were so natural and better than any makeover I’ve gotten in the past. It was a lot of fun to work with her and she is great to shop with since she really understands fashion.

– Laura M.
Washington D.C, 35 years old



I hired Teresa to help me revamp my social wardrobe and to consult on makeup. Teresa is wonderful – warm and friendly and extremely knowledgeable about fashion, tailoring, what kinds of clothes look good on your shape, and how to dress to impress, whether for fun, dating or work. I have rethought the entire way I present myself. I highly, highly recommend her!

– Kathy G.
Arlington, VA, 45 years old